What kind of batteries can be recycled?

All household batteries can be recycled, including button cell batteries found in watches and other small electronics.

You can also recycle battery packs from laptops, mobile phones and power tools in store, but make sure to put electrical tape over the terminals first.

Although car batteries can be recycled, they should be taken to a designated collection point and not recycled with household batteries in store.

What can I do to reduce my battery usage?

  1. Switch to rechargeables!
    They're better for the environment and save money, waste and hassle in the long run.
  2. Plug in to the mains
    Save yourself battery bother and charge electrical equipment with mains electricity instead.
  3. Charge up with renewables
    Tap into unlimited energy with wind-up radios or torches, dynamo bicycle lights or a solar powered gadgets.

Who is behind this campaign?

#BringBackHeavyMetal has been created by Ecosurety and Hubbub, and is backed by Asda, BatteryBack, B&Q, Currys, The Entertainer, GP Batteries, Morrisons and M&S.